Webreep - Scientific customer feedback tool

The Benefits of Using Webreep Website Feedback Tool

  • Fix problems with your website before it’s too late. Less than 0.01% of customers will bother to contact you about a potential problem with their experience using your website. If sufficiently unhappy, they will simply defect to a competitor. If they are asked directly about their experience however, as many as 40% of customers will tell you exactly what they thought, giving you a chance to improve their satisfaction before it’s too late.
  • Identify which areas of improvement will have the biggest impact on sales.Website overhauls are not cheap, and can have serious implications on customer loyalty if done wrong. Webreep displays exactly which elements of your current design generate a positive customer experience, and which areas don’t, providing valuable guidance for upgrade investments.
  • Get rich insight into who is visiting your website. Traditional web analytic and website feedback tools tell you the number of hits you get each day, and from which country your visitors come from. What these tools don’t tell you are reasons why people are visiting, why they left, and how satisfied they were with their experience. The Webreep systems tells you this and more in an intuitive and easy to understand way from simple trends through to advanced reporting.
  • Make informed decisions based on concrete data. Take the guesswork out of forecasting and e-commerce growth strategy. Webreep provides real evidence in real time of current website performance based on what matters the most: customer satisfaction.
  • Track performance over time. Webreep enables you to track performance of key variables of your website over time (week/month/year) to enable you to track the success of promotional activities or the impact of seasonal fluctuations.
  • Make your website the star of your organization. Webreep website feedback tool enables you to set up view-only or admin accounts for other members of your organization to login and view website statistics. Webreep provides the whole company a sense of ownership of the company website, helping to move it from the bottom of the priority list to the top.
  • Reduce customer defection to competitors. If customers are unhappy enough, they will move their loyalty to your competitors. Webreep enables you to identify problems before they drive customers away.
  • Increase revenue. Webreep website feedback tool tracks key variables well established in academic research to have a direct link on revenue. Tracking and ensuring each variable is stable results in increased revenue through greater loyalty and higher rates of recommendation and referral.
  • Convert more traffic into purchasing customers. Increase conversion rates by identifying key barriers to purchase
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment. Webreep website feedback tool enables you to understand why customers arrive to shop, but leave empty handed