Webreep - Scientific customer feedback tool


Webreep™ is an innovative website feedback tool managed by Deloosh Pty Ltd -a leading Market Research and Data technology company.

Webreep’s Mission

To help business owners make better business decisions based on insightful customer feedback

Product Origins

The Webreep Website feedback Tool is based on the research of Internet Consumer Psychologist Dr Brent Coker, who developed the Webreep Model, and the underlying algorithms. Dr Coker is world renown for his research into social media in the workplace, and his BVMP algorithm that explains viral movie success.

After years studying the psychometrics of website quality measurement, Dr Coker joined forces with Deloosh Labs in 2007 to commercialize the Webreep Model and its underlying algorithms. The result of their collaboration is Webreep, the world’s most advanced website customer feedback tool.

Dr Brent Coker, the inventor of the Webreep Model

“I developed Webreep to help website owners make better business decisions by getting into the minds of their customers. Webreep is the result of years of rigorous research to understand exactly what causes website visitor loyalty and word-of-mouth. I was frustrated with traditional web analytics tools that gave us clues about what was happening, but nothing about WHY. Why are customers dissatisfied? Why did they defect to my competitor? How can I fix it! These questions I believe are fundamental to building a strong online business, and Webreep provides the answers.”

—Brent Coker PhD, Developer of the Webreep Model and Webreep algorithm.

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