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Webreep Features

The Most Advanced, Feature-Packed Website Customer Feedback System Anywhere

We constantly innovate. Our firsts include: Automatic dissatisfaction detection, competitor benchmarking, full customization of multiple question types, coupon offer for giving feedback, and many more. Don't let our low price fool you. You won't find a more complete solution.

Dissatisfaction Detector

Pinpoint dissatisfaction on your website.

Webreep’s advanced algorithms monitor and detect dissatisfaction on your website. Advanced reporting tells you exactly what’s causing word-of-mouth and loyalty. If something’s causing dissatisfaction, Webreep will notify you, and tell you exactly what you need to do to fix it. Before it’s too late!

Webreep Industry Averages ™

Webreep lets you compare the quality of your website to other websites in the same business as yours!

WIA (aka Webreep Industry Averages) maps seven dimensions of website quality across over 130 website business categories. Now you can see how your website compares on key satisfaction metrics to other websites you compete with!

Low Traffic Websites

Webreep has several unique features to maximize response rates for small or low traffic websites.

Webreep can be configured to get customer feedback in several ways, maximizing flexibility and the amount of feedback received. (1) Coupon Feature. Turbo-charge the amount of feedback you receive by offering a coupon in return for giving feedback. (2) Feedback Tabs. Easily configure multiple feedback tabs to ask different questions on each page in your website (3) Random Popup Invitation. Invite visitors to give feedback when they’re browsing the website, or even after they leave!

100% Customizable

Webreep is 100% customizable, from questions asked to color and content, and even language!

Webreep easily blends in to the look and feel of your website, including completely customizable questions. Configure a different feedback form on each page, customize each question, or use our tried and tested out-of-the-box questions. Change the appearance of Webreep to match your website colors and branding. Webreep can even be used in multiple languages (contact us if your language isn’t listed)

Automated Forwarding

Automated Forwarding

Get data to the right people in your organization by automatically forwarding feedback by topic. For example, automatically direct website bug complaints to your webmaster, and product queries to customer sales.

Fast Easy Setup ONCE!

Webreep takes minutes to setup.

Follow our easy installation wizard, or auto-email instructions to your webmaster. Just install a small line of code into your webpages, and you’re ready to go. You only need to do this once! Any changes you make to your feedback forms are updated automatically.

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