Webreep - Scientific customer feedback tool

How Webreep Works

The Most Advanced, Feature-Packed Website Customer Feedback System Anywhere

We constantly innovate. Our firsts include: Automatic dissatisfaction detection, competitor benchmarking, full customization of multiple question types, coupon offer for giving feedback, and many more. Don't let our low price fool you. You won't find a more complete solution.

Set Up

After installing a small piece of code into your website, you can begin collecting customer feedback.

Webreep is easy to setup. All you need to do is paste a little bit of code into your website. You only need to install the code once! You can then change Webreep settings as much as you like without needing to re-install the code each time you make changes.


Configure feedback forms

From your dashboard you build and configure feedback forms. Webreep is 100% customizable. You can change color scheme, display your logo, or even write your own questions!

Webreep also includes several unique but powerful features to maximise customer feedback responses including coupon incentives, feedback tab sliders, and eye-catching invitations. It’s even possible to ask for feedback after they leave your site!


Monitor your data

Once Webreep is up and running, you can sit back and relax. Webreep is designed to be super simple to use, and fully automated. Webreep uses advanced statistical algorithms such as multiple regression and natural language processing to warn you when customers are dissatisfied, why they are dissatisfied, and what you need to do to fix it!


Use Webreep to increase satisfaction, loyalty, and likelihood of referral

Webreep will let you know what is causing dissatisfaction. If you are using the open ended feedback module, you can contact your customers who have given feedback. You can also setup auto-forwarding to direct bug reports to your webmaster, potential leads to your sales team, and suggestions for improvement to management.

If you are using the Webreep model questions, you simply need to focus your efforts on those elements that show warnings in your dashboard.

Using Webreep’s WIA system you can also see how your website compares in quality to other websites in the same business category as you!

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