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Webreep has many options for how to collect valuable customer feedback, from the revolutionary "Draw-on-a-Page" method, to the hugely popular "Slider" method.

Method of Initiation: See them in action

Method of Initiation Description Best Uses
View Demonstration in new window Draw-on-a-Page Users highlight anywhere on a page, then make a comment. You receive a screenshot in your inbox with the comment Great for new designs, to iron out glitches and bugs, and identify poor usability points
View Demonstration in new window The Slider Our most popular option. Places a non-obtrusive slide-out feedback tab on your webpage General customer feedback tab. Get 280%* more customer feedback than your “contact us” page
View Demonstration in new window Coupon Slider Offers visitors a coupon code in return for giving feedback For lower traffic websites, or to turbo-charge response rates. Best used for Webreep Model Questions to quickly identify dissatisfaction
View Demonstration in new window Custom Button You upload your own give feedback button image, and place it anywhere on the page For maximum flexibility, and designers who want to use their own Give Feedback button
View Demonstration in new window Invitation An invitation to give feedback randomly appears when the user is browsing Great for running surveys, or when you want to sample from a random selection of visitors
View Demonstration in new window Invitation After An invitation to give feedback AFTER the user leaves your website Great for getting feedback about your website after visitors leave. Can be used to find out why they left, and defection points


Can I use more than one method on my website?

Yes! You can install multiple feedback forms on different pages, each one asking different questions, using any of the initiation methods above.

How do I install different feedback forms of different pages?

Each feedback form is installed by copying and pasting a small piece of code into the webpage.

Can I change the method of initiation after I have installed the small piece of code?

Yes. You only need to install the code once. After the code is installed, you can configure the feedback form any way you like.

Can I ask my own questions on any feedback form?

Yes. You can either use our out-of-the box questions (we did the thinking for you), or you can write your own radio, rating, or open-ended feedback questions.

Can I see all the data from all the forms in one place?

Yes. You can login to the Webreep dashboard to view all data.

Can I download my data?

Yes, advanced reporting enables you to download all data in Microsoft Excel format.

Can I trial it before I buy?

Yes. All Plans have a 14 day free trial.

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